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Come on, baby. It's over. Get over it. (Via DailyPicks.)   Read Story »
Ben Affleck took his daughters to visit a Farmers' Market. Awww. Nothing hotter than supporting family farms! -BuzzFeedCeleb Let's Compare: Paul F. Tompkins vs. Jeff Goldblum -TheStray Here are…   Read Story »
"Gangnam Style" surpassed one BILLION views on YouTube today, the first video to ever do so. Congratulations everyone. We did it? Pop champagne! (Only 365,000 views. VIEWS FAIL!) LOL. TGIF. PLEASE…   Read Story »
I'm so sorry, Cockatoo. This is not your fault. (Via Neatorama.)   Read Story »
You know what they say: Dance like one guy is watching. Sing like oh wait it seems like there is someone else in the room so maybe two people are listening. Love like you’ve never been posted on…   Read Story »
Tradition! No, I mean do a light show with "Tradition!"   Read Story »
Here is a photo of Hugh Jackman and the K-Pop musician PSY both wearing Wolverine claws and doing the "Gangnam Style" dance, OBVIOUSLY. At a certain point, pop culture is just going to completely…   Read Story »