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Looking good, Josh Duhamel as Katy Perry for the Kids' Choice Awards! Click through for more "looks." -BuzzFeedCeleb The Internet is losing its sh*t over this Game Of Thrones ad.…   Read Story »
Guys, please know that if you ever find it exhausting or a downer that I complain and criticize things on a daily basis, you will never find it more exhausting or more of a downer than myself. And…   Read Story »
George Lucas' daughter Amanda is an MMA fighter. Whoa. Here's a picture of her being bloody, there's also a video! -BuzzFeed Sesame Street Presents: "Upside-Downton Abbey" -SesameStreet (thank you…   Read Story »
Young Christopher Walken looks just like Scarlett Johansson, your argument is invalid. -BuzzFeed Kathy Griffin gave Anderson Cooper a 'special' kind of kiss on CNN NYE. A kiss to the south! Kathy,…   Read Story »
Well? I'm not sure what else you want me to say -- you saw the headline to the post, now ANSWER THE QUESTION! Just kidding! My new year's resolution is to never stop joking around and sharing a few…   Read Story »
Here's a newly-released White House photograph of President Obama getting webbed by Spider-Man. Click through to see Spider-Man, he's terrifying! -HuffPo Jimmy Kimmel celebrates "This Year In…   Read Story »
'Twilight Baby Doll Makes Perfect Gift For A Rational Person,' or also your holiday white elephant exchange! Just imagine how many times it would get stolen and traded. -FilmDrunk The 2012 Writers'…   Read Story »
Childrens Hospital won one and Game of Thrones won six. Maybe we should check these shows out, you guys!   Read Story »
This is the second time I'm mentioning Prince Joffrey today even though I don't really know who he is and I don't know why everybody hates him so much, though I'm SURE he deserves it, but hey did you…   Read Story »
Vote for Tyrion Lannister for WHAT? Shit doesn't even make any sense. This is like a Friday Night Lights tuxedo t-shirt. Come on, fans. (Via Pajiba.)   Read Story »