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Game of Thrones finale GIFs, you guuuuuyyyyyyssss! As I come from a place of ignorance, I was only able to grab a few that were specifically labeled as being from the season finale. Feel free to post…   Read Story »
Congratulations to you, congratulations to you, congratulations dear season finale of Game of Thrones for getting the record for having the most people torrenting an episode simultaneously, breaking,…   Read Story »
A bunch of character posters for Edgar Wright’s upcoming film The World’s End were released today. Want to look at them? -/Film I cannot believe anyone on the Internet even for one moment…   Read Story »
As with all things, so goes the Game of Thrones. Right? I think that's right. Ashes to ashes, hiatus to hiatus. We are brought into this world, burn as bright as the sun for a short period of time,…   Read Story »
Want to see a picture of Evangeline Lilly as The Hobbit's new character, Tauriel? Trick question, you don't have a choice! -/Film Wait, is this Samuel L. Jackson reddit monologue reading contest…   Read Story »
Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt covered  "Electric Love" from Bob's Burgers' "Topsy" episode and I can't believe how all of my favorites keep coming together for the "Bob's Buskers" series,…   Read Story »
Look, this season of Mad Men is phenomenal. I would say that it's my favorite season out of all the seasons so far, except that the only reason it's able to be (one of) my favorite season(s) is…   Read Story »
A portrait of Michael Douglas as Liberace using over 4000 Mike & Ike candies. -LaughingSquid The Internet was abuzz this weekend with the news that Nikki Finke had been fired from her position…   Read Story »
People are loving Jimmy Fallon's Late Night/Game of Thrones spoof "Game of Desks." Have you seen it? Seth Meyers and Jay Leno are in it. Wanna watch it? Helloooo? -LateNight Mark Ruffalo almost…   Read Story »
This year, I have been watching Game of Thrones and Mad Men with friends, and it has been great, I highly recommend trying this method of watching television. If you're really smart, you will even…   Read Story »