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New Game of Thrones season four photos, you guys. [Spoiler: Everyone still looks beautiful and I still would like to have the hair and face of Emilia Clarke.] -HBO Lori Petty is joining the cast of…   Read Story »
Bryan Singer will tweet a new X-Men: Days Of Future Past picture every hour today, each an Empire Magazine cover. "BEST. MONDAY. EVER." - You. -GammaSquad HBO debuted a preview for their upcoming…   Read Story »
Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) gave a talk about the problems with celebrity culture ahead of a recent Q&A with the Oxford Union and it is very good and very worth watching. Also very worth doing:…   Read Story »
Game of Thrones season four trailer, you guys. -HBO Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg interviewed Golden Globe winner Chelsea Peretti for Elle, mostly about a mutual middle school friend, and it…   Read Story »
HBO released a bunch of Vines in advance of the release of a trailer for the next season of Game of Thrones. So. #2014!   Read Story »
You can get a few-second glimpse at season four of Game of Thrones in HBO's end-of-year promo, if you want it! -Uproxx The Daily Show's head writer, Tim Carvell, is leaving the show to work as…   Read Story »
Do you like television, I mean, traveling? Do you love to pack up your laptop -- I mean, suitcase -- and fill it with battery life -- argh, I mean, fill it with clothing -- and take it with you…   Read Story »
"Mommy, if you named me after Grandma Jane, why did Grandma Jane name you Skyler?" "Well, sweets, a long time ago there was a television show called Breaking Bad on a channel known for its…   Read Story »
Lena Dunham instagrammed the premiere date for the upcoming season of Girls. Think of how cold it will be outside when it comes back! -/Film Speaking of Girls, HBO has greenlit a show that everyone…   Read Story »
"Just like the red-winged dragon / Seems to be friends with that lady! / Ooh Game of / Thrones / Game of Thrones!" (I still haven't really seen much of Game of Thrones.) In an interview with Herald…   Read Story »