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I mostly just want to copy and paste this entire article from Architectural Digest (via TheAwl) about Brad Pitt's latest stint as a high end furniture designer, but instead, I will simply copy and…   Read Story »
It's always a little silly when a local commercial gets a bit of fame on the Internet, because the thing about local commercials -- always for car dealerships and furniture stores -- is that they…   Read Story »
The best part about SEXTing a 9-year-old boy TWICE and then, upon being confronted about SEXTing a 9-year-old boy explaining that the only reason you SEXTed a 9-year-old boy in the first place is…   Read Story »
You've probably already noticed this by now, but local commercials for furniture stores are fucking insane. Between Schweig Engel and Flea Market Montgomery and Norton Furniture, apparently you…   Read Story »