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From Deadline Hollywood: "HBO is teaming with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez and actress Lizzy Caplan to develop a comedy series project based on actress/writer Julie Klausner’s…   Read Story »
The world is changed, you can feel it in the water. Literally. (Lord of the Ugh.) But seriously, we live in a vastly different world even from the one we lived in just 12 months ago. For one thing,…   Read Story »
Did you guys watch President Obama's first address to the nation from the oval office last night? He was, of course, speaking about the whole "giant hell hole in the floor of the fucking ocean…   Read Story »
So, it turns out that when you relaunch a blog, there are unforeseen problems. Such is the case that we are currently trying to untangle our seeming inability to actually post videos, thereby…   Read Story »
The story broke last night that Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad are the newest cast-members to be joining this season's cast of Saturday Night Live. I've been thinking about this post for a few days,…   Read Story »
[Dramatization] Friend 1: Want to come over later? Friend 2: I don't know. Why? Friend 1: That is kind of a weird way to answer that question. I guess because we are friends, and we like to hang…   Read Story »
First thing in the morning, Jon Gosselin cracked open a Diet Red Bull and ironed his favorite Ed Hardy shirt. It had a tiger made out of barbed wire fucking a dolphin in the mouth in the center of a…   Read Story »
Man, this guy Jon Gosselin (whoever that is) has awful taste in friends. First he became friends with Christian Audigier, of Ed Hardy, and here he is hanging out with Michael Lohan. With friends like…   Read Story »
I went to see Dustin Diamond perform at a local comedy club. I had a few drinks. Post-show, he was standing outside of the club taking Polaroids with fans and signing autographs. I told him that we…   Read Story »
I've never wished that I was friends with Kanye before. I like his music. I think his silly boasting is funny. He seems like a perfectly nice person, especially for a fame. But I've been happy…   Read Story »