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Do what you need to do to get the job done, for sure, but try to let loose as much as you can. Have fun with it. Stand up on your keyboard and dance on the keys until the right ones get clicked. Will…   Read Story »
Your answer was that it was Friday, right? I don't want to take back the horse, so just...You DID say "It's Friday, let's tear this [swear] up! AWWW YEAAAAAAH!" right? Okay. I mean, just agree with…   Read Story »
We all have to get through our days one way or another, so we might as well get through them dancing. (To Billy Joel's "Vienna," specifically.) (While we make a video about it.) (For online.) #TGIF!…   Read Story »
Who won, though? Why don't they tell us who won?! (Via TheHuffingtonPost.)   Read Story »
Today we are all this iguana with a hat on, eating some ice cream that we maybe don't even like while a killer song plays in the background, because it's FR-FR-FR-FRIDAY, Y'ALL! (Via SayOMG.)   Read Story »
You spin, and spin, and spin. You think, "Someone who loves me would never put me in danger. Someone who loves me would never hurt me. So this must be safe." You let down your guard and have fun for…   Read Story »
Got it? Just on Fridays, though -- otherwise it's cool. Let Claire know. (Via UniqueDaily.)   Read Story »
I'm not sure if we're the guy trying to clean the snow off of the roof or if we're the snow on the roof, but we're definitely something here. You figure it out! Which one are you? Plz leave a…   Read Story »
Oh my god. Seriously, please be careful. And please, if you're not going to be careful, at least make sure whatever you're doing is fake and the rest of us just can't tell because of how real it…   Read Story »