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I get that the video is cute and whatever, but, uh, hah, where did the kittens go? Like I know that the cat doesn't know and stuff, but are we supposed to know? Are they under the desk? Or...? Haha,…   Read Story »
Oh my god it is a snoozer out there today! Who would have thought that the Friday after a week filled will holiday hole punches, and a Friday during which half of the blog world is buried under six…   Read Story »
Truth be told, I was originally looking for a video of human babies playing in the snow to kickstart our (East Coast of the United States) snowy, freezing cold morning, but this gem showed up in the…   Read Story »
Soon we will also fall quickly off of our own work roofs into the snow pile of the weekend -- so soon we can almost feel it -- but for now all we can do is sit up there, square-shaped and waiting.…   Read Story »
This weekend, Rebecca Black released a follow-up to "Friday," her viral hit from 45 years ago (it was 45 years ago, right?) (wait -- how old are we now?) (dead, right?), called "Saturday." Oh…   Read Story »
It's nice, sometimes, to just get what you expect. #FRIDAY (Via TheHuffingtonPost.)   Read Story »
APPROACH YOUR TROPHY (THE END OF THE DAY?)(#FRIDAY) SLOWLY! It's there. It's not going anywhere. If you rush into it you're just going to get a booboo on your arm. (SayOMG.)   Read Story »
Jimmy Kimmel didn't make this one too, did he?! (Via LaughingSquid.)   Read Story »
The weekend flies around our heads like a Furby placed on a string by a maniac. "Weee," it says. "Achooo." Taunting us, just out of our grasp. At one point, though, we will catch it. We will catch…   Read Story »