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In a blog post that started out as a defense of Watchmen, America's Best Comedian (tied with Louis C.K.) Patton Oswalt launched into a detailed description of every show we should be watching on TV…   Read Story »
JD McCoy is officially QB 1 now, but Dillon is just starting to see what kind of a father Mr. McCoy is to his son. JD may be a football phenom, but his life isn't perfect! His father doesn't let him…   Read Story »
Coach Taylor has to decide whether to keep Matt Saracen through the rest of the season and face losing a chance at the playoffs, or make freshman phenom JD McCoy QB 1. It's just the type of tough…   Read Story »
45365 is the zip code for Sidney, Ohio, where filmmakers spent nine months making a documentary about the town and the people of the town. It premieres at SXSW next month. Watching this trailer,…   Read Story »
The Onion AV Club has an interview with Taylor Kitsch today about Friday Night Lights. The more you know.   Read Story »
Tim Riggins gets a letter of interest from Oklahoma. Billy and Lyla seem more excited about this news than he does. You know what I think it is? I think he's scared to fail! Tammy gets interviewed by…   Read Story »
Friday Night Lights is a genuinely family-friendly program, meaning that it can appeal to viewers of all ages, and is never particularly provocative or controversial, so you'll excuse me when I say:…   Read Story »
The third season of Friday Night Lights premieres tonight on NBC, although the entire season has already run on Direct TV. I've seen most of it, and if you are already an FNL fan, SPOILER ALERT this…   Read Story »
NBC announced its winter schedule last week, and the third season of Friday Night Lights finally got a premiere date: January 16th, at 9PM. YES! Perfect. Because the world is an unfair place, and…   Read Story »
Colorado State University has put out a call for scholarly essays about Friday Night Lights to be collected in a book. Great. Hopefully one of the eggheads up at Egghead U explores the suggested…   Read Story »