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Game of Thrones was nominated for thirteen Emmy nominations this year, and over the weekend it received an early Creative Arts Emmy for its opening title sequence. Great job! Although I have not…   Read Story »
It wouldn't be perfect. No father-son relationship ever is. We would have our weird tensions and our testosterone-driven show-downs over this or that territorial perception. There would be failures.…   Read Story »
What's better than two guys you love interviewing each other? Huh? Lots of stuff? Lots of stuff, but that thing is still a great thing? Fair enough! Here is Nick Kroll interviewing Rob McElhenney.…   Read Story »
Obviously, Friday Night Lights was already a movie, but now they're talking about making it a movie again and this time with Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Good idea, boys! Clear eyes, full…   Read Story »
Ryan Gosling making funny faces at photographers, ladies and gentleman! -Just Jared Check out some photos from the upcoming Spiderman movie! Emma Stone has blonde hair! I don't like it as much! But…   Read Story »
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy stole my baby nickname. Could I BE any more upset? -Dlisted A complete oral history of Friday Night Lights. -Grantland Blooper reels are the best part of any movie.…   Read Story »
Last night, the second episode of Game of Thrones aired. What a good show! "It's disgusting." Yes! It IS disgusting! In the best possible way. And so much intrigue: who will get taken from behind,…   Read Story »
Clear eyes, full hearts, BID NOW!   Read Story »
Whoa, fellas. Whoa, LADIES. This is the first image of Adrianne Palicki, who played Tyra Collette on Friday Night Lights, as Wonder Woman from the upcoming David E. Kelly pilot on NBC. (Wait, David…   Read Story »
Some of us (could be any of us, really, hard to say which of us) haven't actually finished watching season 4, so those of us who haven't, and again, it could really be just about anyone, won't be…   Read Story »