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Please enjoy this printable DMX "Rudolph" Holiday Card that you can print, color, and give to your only IRL friend who has seen the video yet. "You'll go down in'll go down in…   Read Story »
BIG NEWS, you guys! HUUUUUUGE NEWS! Frankie Muniz, perhaps best known for having 40 million dollars, has announced that he will be running for political office! In 5 years from now! He made the…   Read Story »
OK, so I know that neither Frankie Muniz nor the creators of Agent Cody Banks actually invented the over-the-sunglasses-pulled-down-the-nose-stare. That was invented by a Diet Sprite commercial.…   Read Story »
Oh no, Frankie Muniz has been hurt! In a race car accident! From MTV Movies Blog: A few weeks ago, he tweeted that he'd broken his wrist during a race. Then he tweeted this last Friday: "Update on…   Read Story »