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We all know what it's like to witness a great playpass from an expert sporter doing what he or she does best, and we all know what it's like to want to strap on some softies and get in the game…   Read Story »
It's not often that two opposite soccer mates can assist each other in a major backwards whoopsie shot, but Glen Rea and Kris Twardek completed this little single right on the green! Mr. Rea passed…   Read Story »
Why don't all football players just do this? If I were a football coach, like if I coached the Miami Dolphins or something, I would show this to my team and say, "Hey, how about a little more of…   Read Story »
I participated in the first Fantasy Football draft of my life last night. It was very stressful, because of the timer, but also very fun! When you don't know anything other than the brief bit you…   Read Story »
Sometimes you will go to someone's home, or visit an office, or discover a new courtyard you didn't know about, and for a brief moment you will be reminded of the immensity of the world. Like, think…   Read Story »
Have you ever been in a situation where you've had to watch football? Maybe you were at a friend's house and they are participating in a fantasy football league this year and they wanted to see how a…   Read Story »
I'm not going to be thrilled about being invited to a birthday party and then having to play any sport after I showed up, but, honestly, fire soccer MIGHT get a pass. Live every Tuesday like it's…   Read Story »
It's hard to believe that just a few short months ago the town was divided into two teams, and this rag tag gang of rough and tumble players didn't look like they'd be able to win a single game, much…   Read Story »
I want to say that this guy is a jerk, but this is actually the best touchdown celebration I have ever seen. (And I've seen lots. Big TD fan.) GO TEAM!!!! (Via BuzzFeed.)   Read Story »
Last night's Super Bowl was actually pretty fun to watch. It was a close game, and there was a clear-cut fan favorite for those who didn't have a pre-standing investment in the outcome (I'm talking,…   Read Story »