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Restaurants and food criticism are admittedly a bit outside of Videogum's jurisdiction, but the only reason Guy Fieri is even able to open a restaurant in Times Square is because of his appearances…   Read Story »
Pizza doesn't really need a commercial because we are all already very much on board with pizza. But leave it to pizza when pizza does have a commercial to have this commercial. Outta sight! Pizza is…   Read Story »
When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time at Denny's. (Not sure why we are taking so many trips down memory street today. Perhaps it was the near brush with death I had this week with the flu…   Read Story »
The world is still full of surprises, though, for real.   Read Story »
Have you ever wanted to see what really happened to former Top Chef contestants after they left the show? I mean not really really since they're still acting out for the cameras and building in…   Read Story »
One thing that is just so gross about having to live every single day of your life is having to eat. Like, having to make or buy something to eat, put it in your mouth, CHEW IT?, and then swallow it…   Read Story »
A lot of times when I think about, say, owning my own restaurant (I have quite an imagination!) I just see it as this endless drudge of high-stress work where you are constantly juggling a staff of…   Read Story »
Star Magazine reported this week that Gwyneth is opening a Spanish-themed restaurant in LA with Mario Batali, but her "rep" denied it. So, whatever. NOM NOM NOM or NOT NOT NOT. Ahhhhahahahahaha. We…   Read Story »
Casting calls are almost always hilarious. Look, if you want to see an alien shove itself into a human flesh suit in Men in Black and walk around all herky-jerky for the big guffaws, then someone has…   Read Story »
From the YouTube description: 1.4 billion people live on less than $1.25 per day. But how much is 1.4 billion, really? That is 1 in every 5 people on this earth live in poverty. Statistics like…   Read Story »