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Don't you guys love lunch? Yum, yum, yum! What are you eating for lunch today? GHB, yes, but what else? A sandwich? GHB and a sandwich? Or maybe GHB and a salad! That's what's so fun about lunch, all…   Read Story »
Have you guys been watching this season of Top Chef? It's pretty good! Last week's Judges' Table was one of the best Judges' Tables ever. Tom was throwing out the burns like it was trash day ("time…   Read Story »
Yes, Mr. Waiter, we are just about ready to order, but we did have a couple of questions about the order. This charcuterie plate, would you say that it is large and overwhelming like Terrence Malick…   Read Story »
The Wahlburgers corporation appears to be tearing itself apart with lawsuits (wahlsuits?) and counter-lawsuits. Guys! Get it together! If not for yourselves, for the delicious wahlburgers!   Read Story »
0:03: Oh wow, this video is nine minutes long? Man, I love cute videos more than most people, probably, (though actually that is probably not true, I probably like them a normal amount compared to…   Read Story »
America's Most Important Restaurant, and the eatery that taught all the other eateries how to name themselves, the Wahlberg family's hamburger restaurant, WAHLBURGERS, is going to be the subject of a…   Read Story »
If you haven't read that New York Times Sunday Magazine article about Lindsay Lohan and Paul Schraeder yet, you really should. It's fascinating. On the one hand, it's one of the most relentlessly…   Read Story »
I like New Girl. The other week I was watching an episode of New Girl and I thought to myself "Do you know why this show is good?" Because that is how I think, in didactic, self-reflective questions.…   Read Story »
How are everyone's resolutions going so far? Great, I'm sure. My personal goals to start smoking and gain 500 pounds are going to be tough, but I think this is finally the year that they are going to…   Read Story »
Step 1: Make chili cheese nachos. Step 2: Consider some of the mistakes you have made, but not the mistakes that are too upsetting to consider. Step 3: Sit in bath for awhile. Step 4: Clean under…   Read Story »