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According to this blog post, Anthony Bourdain promised David Simon a cronut in return for appearing on his guest-hosted episode of Piers Morgan, but then renegged on the cronut. Yikes. WE WILL…   Read Story »
At this point, I think Paula Deen has learned her lesson, whatever that even is. Like, what was the lesson, ultimately? You shouldn't want to throw a slavery-themed wedding? Sure, but if you don't…   Read Story »
A five minute documentary from 1997 about a Times Square hot dog vendor has been making the rounds and it's delightful. But if you want something more current, check out the trailer for the…   Read Story »
After years of crunching numbers and writing equations out on library windows in white grease pencil, one brilliant minded reddit reader has finally debunked the pizza math from Home Alone.…   Read Story »
Cronuts! Donuts made out of croissants! This summer, New York City has gone cuckoo for cronuts. The picture you are looking at is of the line of people outside of Dominque Ansel's bakery waiting for…   Read Story »
Hey! Remember Samy and Amy from Amy's Baking Company, the Scottsdale Arizona restaurant that was lovingly featured on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares in the spring? I wonder what is up with them!…   Read Story »
On the one hand, my human empathy forces me to recognize that I am sure this past week has been genuinely painful and difficult for Paula Deen, but on the other hand the human hunger for invasive and…   Read Story »
At the Chinese restaurant that my family and I would go to when I was growing up, the wooden chopsticks had instructions for use printed on the paper sleeve and those instructions were: 1. Break…   Read Story »
Rest your case, Paula Deen. P.S. I love how many cuts there are in this 44 second video. One Take Tony, she is not! What was going on during this shoot? Just so many edits because she devolved…   Read Story »
We aren't going to write a full post about this, because the source of the information is too suspicious to take it very seriously, but if these allegations are true, YUH-OH!   Read Story »