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From the Orlando Sentinel via BoingBoing: A “suspicious” toy pony was blown up after it was found abandoned in the middle of a cul-de-sac near an Orange County elementary school this…   Read Story »
America is a gigantic country, home to millions of people, and we don't always agree on the way it should be governed. Heck! We RARELY agree, hahaha. But when it comes down to it, most of us do want…   Read Story »
The past few entries in the Porno Switcheroo Archives have been rather tame. Mostly off-color DVR descriptions, and a South Carolinian madman who is confused about the quality of his art. But today…   Read Story »
"You can put this on one of those wacko websites." Ugh. Do I come down to your work and slap the shark with a penis in its mouth out of your mouth? It's not my fault that I haven't received an email…   Read Story »
(via Dlisted) The best part is that he had TWO blow-up dolls in the car with him. He was tired of vanilla grocery store parking lot exhibitionist onanistic blow-up doll sex with just ONE "partner."…   Read Story »