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They drink! They fight! They fornicate! They don't show a lot of acting in this trailer which could mean either a good or bad thing, based on what you're rooting for!   Read Story »
There's not actually a lot to be said about The Raid: Redemption. It was good! If I try to formulate why it was good into actual sentences, I sound like a child writing in crayon. "This movie was…   Read Story »
It's hard to love babies sometimes. Especially when there's one that lives in the apartment above yours that never EVER stops crying, to the point where you've considered both knocking on the door of…   Read Story »
It turns out this one thing happened, and then there was this guy who saw, and also $20. So there ya go!   Read Story »
Ok so, first of all, to get this out of the way: We all love this video. That's a given and I'll get back to it. But second of all, and this is what I'd like to focus on for a moment if I can: WHY…   Read Story »
Harrison Ford called Shia LaBeouf an idiot! FINALLY, A GOOD OLD FEUD! There's a whole context to it that is super boring and involves, like, Shia LaBeouf criticizing that Indiana Jones movie that…   Read Story »
What? If you don't know whose team you're on, how are you supposed to know whose face to cave in?! On a sidenote: is it just me, or do you guys ever worry that Russia is TOO normal? (Via…   Read Story »
This supercut of dwarves beating people up proves that at this point there is basically a sexual fetish supercut for anything you're into.   Read Story »
Chelsea Handler called Gwyneth Paltrow a cunt during a "comedy" performance last weekend. Oof. I mean, that is literally the pot calling the kettle a cunt. Let's take this fight to the edge of a…   Read Story »
These guys fighting is tearing me apart! (With laffs!)   Read Story »