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For months now we've all been living our lives, going on with our business, eating, sleeping, whatever, completely ignorant to the fact that Liam Gallagher and Idris Elba have been FEUDING! What?!…   Read Story »
Listen, I'm telling you this in confidence, I'm sure it'll come out sooner or later but right now this is just btwn you and me, okay? Like, no joke. There's some messed up shit btwn J&A but they're…   Read Story »
Yesterday, the world was rocked by a RED HOT FEUD taking place between Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone on Twitter. What was the feud (one-way tweets) about? The world could only wonder and wait.…   Read Story »
Being an avid fan of pop culture often comes down to having to choose sides, even if you -- if you were to be honest with yourself -- love both of the options. You can't love both Pearl Jam and…   Read Story »
Have you guys been following the Great Jay Leno Monologue NBC Joke Feud of 2013? God, I hope you haven't been. One downfall of having a job for which you have to closely follow the goings-on in pop…   Read Story »
Reading about private moments in the lives of celebrities, as told by gossip magazines, who were told about the private moments from awful, gawking strangers is generally a nightmare I try to avoid…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: hey kelly! Kelly: FOUR MORE YEARS! Kelly: FOUR MORE YEARS! Gabe: THE LAST FOUR, LET'S MAKE THEM COUNT! Gabe: THE LAST FOUR, LET'S MAKE THEM COUNT! Kelly: SEE YOU IN…   Read Story »
You might be aware that Anderson Cooper is currently embroiled in a feud with Star Jones, after the former The View co-host and current scary-I-don't-know-what said that Anderson Cooper's coming out…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: hey kelly Gabe: what's up? Kelly: Nothing!!!!!!!! Kelly: Is anything up with you? Gabe: hmmm Gabe: not too much Gabe: still thinking about the Revolution pilot Gabe:…   Read Story »
Some people. My only wish here is that I could share this news clip about the brewing feud between The Price Is Right and Bob Barker, the heart and SOUL of The Price Is Right, with you, adding only…   Read Story »