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Last week a video appeared on-line in which Matthew Broderick played an adult Ferris Bueller, at which point Jalopnik broke the story that this was for a Super Bowl commercial for a Honda CR-V. And…   Read Story »
Some dude in Florida has written a screenplay for a Ferris Bueller squeakuel and is talking to everybody like it's a done deal. He's probably pretty important. OUR generation's Frank Darabont.   Read Story »
A man named Edward McNally wrote (a letter? An op-ed? I don't know what this is) to the Washington Post about how he is not the real life Ferris Bueller. Uh? The Washington Post, like the newspaper…   Read Story »
A mechanic named Ferris took a customer's Jaguar out for a joyride. Lincoln had a secretary named Cameron.   Read Story »
This is old, but making the rounds this week: a trailer made of clips from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, using the memorable score of Requiem For A Dream. It's a little long for a trailer, but it's from…   Read Story »