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It's so easy to look up to the lives of Hollywoods starlets like Chloe Sevigny (yes?) and think, "Boy, I wish I had their life." They probably get to eat at a restaurant every night, and go out on…   Read Story »
Vote for Tyrion Lannister for WHAT? Shit doesn't even make any sense. This is like a Friday Night Lights tuxedo t-shirt. Come on, fans. (Via Pajiba.)   Read Story »
Look, the human body comes in all shapes and sizes and far be it from us to get into body shaming or add our voice to the deafening and destructive chorus of modern celebrity culture's shrieking…   Read Story »
It is almost impossible how dumb this is. Most of the time they're not even lip synching. They're just grinning and pointing at their abs. Whatever. The video has gotten 4 million views in a week.…   Read Story »
CUTE! "Make it work, couples!" Get it? Tim Gunn. Because fashion. I'm so glad that innocent people aren't being slaughtered in Syria and that Europe has finally escaped the potentially…   Read Story »
Hey girls, can I ask you something? Totally not trying to be weird, we're all girls here, but what are you wearing right now? Pajamas? Sweatpants with leggings underneath and your boyfriend's…   Read Story »
Oh perfect. Of all the days for Kelly to be out of "the office," she picks the day when the photo of Zooey Deschanel without any makeup on is released. "Uh, Gabe, that's kind of retrograde isn't it?…   Read Story »
HEY, HAVE Y'ALL FOUND AN OUTFIT FOR JASON'S PARTY YET?! AHHHHHHHHH! AN OUTFIT FOR JASON'S PARTYYYYYYYYYYY! What's always amazing about local commercials like this, just amazing every single…   Read Story »
Good morning! We're Al Pacino and Christopher Walken, you might know us from the movies. Over the years, we have delivered many powerful performances and created memorable characters through our…   Read Story »
In a letter to Politico, Geraldo Rivera has "apologized" for his explosive remarks last week concerning Trayvon Martin's responsibility for his own death via clothing choice. And by apology, of…   Read Story »