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In the words of Mr. Mask, alright then.   Read Story »
When Nicolas Cage wears this jacket he is really in his element.   Read Story »
An Etsy seller has a wide selection of Star Wars themed jewelry for sale. Do you like that? Personally I'm not that interested in Star Wars anything because I'm a full grown adult. But some people…   Read Story »
Sorry, TED Talk about drying your hands and TED Talk about tying your shoes, but this almost impossibly un-self-aware 10 minutes of self-aggrandizement-disguised-as-humility humblebrag-garbage in…   Read Story »
Whoa, check out Anne Hathaway's cool new hat! What a cool hat. Mrs. Cool Hat over here. She's so low-profile. People are like "whoa, is that the actress Anne Hathaway, star of movies?" but then they…   Read Story »
You're standing in clothing store with your significant other. You came there today to buy a few new shirts and a skirt for spring, because you don't buy new clothes for yourself very often, and you…   Read Story »
A JK Livin' formal menswear line. “One of the first things I had written down was ‘from the jungle to the opera,’” McConaughey told WWD of the line. More like JK LOVIN' (as in I'M LOVIN' IT).   Read Story »
Whoa. Check out Ethan Hawke! My main man! It's funny the paths life can take sometimes, you know? When I moved to New York City almost seven years ago, I thought to myself, Well, this is it. I'm…   Read Story »
Padma Lakshmi has launched a line of jewelry for the Home Shopping Network. For the sophisticated lady who wants to look like a beautiful reality show competition judge and who also buys her…   Read Story »