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If you know anyone who is more planet than Ahmed Angel, I doubt it. Show your work! (Via @thegynomite.)   Read Story »
James Franco is on the cover of GQ's "Comedy Issue" this month, which I guess makes sense, sort of. He has definitely been in a bunch of comedies, although at this point I feel like he has been in as…   Read Story »
As a celebrity, you have to come to a point where the frenzy surrounding your life is both surreal and depressing. Don't you guys have anything better to do, you must think, than stare a pictures of…   Read Story »
THE WORLD IS CHANGED, I CAN FEEL IT IN THE WATER. This is the second post in less than a month defending Gwyneth Paltrow against her detractors, despite the fact that I myself, and Videogum in…   Read Story »
Talking about the Met Gala will provide light, topical conversation. Begin by asking if they noticed that the Met Gala had taken place last night. "Did you see anything online about the Met Gala?"…   Read Story »
Just a few months after Rob Kardashian triumphantly launched his Arthur George line of handsome socks for sophisticated men, Radar Online is reporting that Nieman Marcus who carries the sock line…   Read Story »
Around the Red Keep, these guys just wear leather trousers and hauberks.   Read Story »
Check out Mr. Cool Suit! Looking good, Matthew McConaughey. It used to be that men weren't supposed to be into fashion, but now it's cool for men to take a vested interest (get it?) in how they look,…   Read Story »
What I really wanted to do this week was have a caption contest about this, but what would the captions even be other than "Best elevator"? There's not a lot of room to play around with that one.…   Read Story »
As you already know, Jon Hamm doesn't like everyone talking about his humongous penis, which makes sense if you think about it. Who among us can even imagine what it is like to be the first human…   Read Story »