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Girl, you're all over the web and you look great. (Via Gawker.)   Read Story »
A hat shop named Goorin Bros hat shop are the hat makers responsible for Walter White's "Heisenberg" hat in the popular TV series, Breaking Bad. Well, sure! Someone had to make that hat, it didn't…   Read Story »
Here is an ad for a new Calvin Klein perfume starring Rooney Mara and directed by David Fincher. Personally, I'm holding out for Zoe Barnes's new scene, Blogique.   Read Story »
Everything about this is perfect. Bringing this suit on Antiques Roadshow is perfect. Setting it next to that painting is perfect. Describing your grand-parents' basement is perfect. Calling it…   Read Story »
Well? Ladies? You OK? Let's do a quick head count and make sure everyone is still with us. This is why we use the buddy system! Poor ladies. You can't catch a break! First the glass ceiling and now…   Read Story »
Wait. Hold on. This is an actual ABC NEWS report on the owner of the New England Patriots's accusation that Vladimir Putin, PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA, stole his Super Bowl ring. In fact, it is a FOLLOW UP…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Dior Homme announced that Robert Pattinson would be their new official spokesmodel. Hooray! What an incredible day for fans of Robert Pattinson and Dior Homme! Said the statement: "He has…   Read Story »
Obviously some of these predictions now seem quaint and almost comical in retrospect. A wedding dress made out of saran wrap? In 2000? 1999 maybe, but by 2000 all wedding dresses were made out of…   Read Story »
There's some kind of story behind this that is, like, Natalie Morales's parents came all the way from Florida to surprise her for her 41st birthday on the show and also brought her dad's old toupee…   Read Story »