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Famke Janssen asked her assistant to hire New York City's best psychic medium. She hadn't yet spoken to her assistant, or anyone, about her suspicion that it was a ghost who had placed the copy of…   Read Story »
Oh, we thought this day would never come! Finally, after what feels like 50 YEARS of rumored casting decisions for what is apparently the first in a trilogy (did you know that this is a trilogy?!) of…   Read Story »
Charlize Theron hefted her backpack onto her slender shoulders and set her face into a brave mask. Each morning, she solemnly reminded herself that no matter how bad it got out there, she would…   Read Story »
Some dude in Portland has launched a Kickstarter to fund the publication of a book of erotic fan fiction about James Franco. Well, right. The only thing weird about this is that it's some dude in…   Read Story »
Tim Allen Zone Fan Fiction Fan Art Zone. Welcome.   Read Story »
When Two and a Half Men returns in the fall (how many days are left, can you check your tear-off calendar?), the season will open with the news of the death of Charlie Sheen's character, Charlie…   Read Story »
The dinosaurs apparently aren't the only huge, powerful things that are INCREDIBLY LIFELIKE. (Huh?) (Yuck.) (Via @vultureblog.)   Read Story »
Do you guys remember Charlie Sheen's bonkers 9/11 fan fiction? Of course you do. Because you printed it out and bound it in leather, and embossed the cover with gold-leaf lettering that reads "Most…   Read Story »
The Kate Gosselin Halloween Costume Fan Fiction Contest ended yesterday with the publication of Dafs's heartwarming and also somehow chilling (paradox) story about Kate Gosselin's adventures on the…   Read Story »
Well, the search for Falcon Heene continues, but there is little that we can do about it from our offices and monster caves. So we must move forward. I know that it is hard to celebrate anything when…   Read Story »