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Dope ink, kid. (Hahaha. Cool talk. Just call me Wise.) Tattoos aren't forever anymore, right? They're all temporary? I'm just assuming I missed the international news story in which it was reported…   Read Story »
WarmingGlow claims that this is the crappiest Lost tattoo ever, which a) presupposes that he has seen ALL of the Lost tattoos in the world, which I doubt, he is just one man blog, and b) completely…   Read Story »
ENHANCE... ENHANCE... ENHANCE... ENHANCE... GET ME BOURNE! (Via Flickr. Thanks for the tip, Josh.)   Read Story »
Hahahaha! What a piece of garbage! I don't think this "game" (fun game, guys!) is even out yet, and people are already making room in their Crap We Never Use Storage Space. (Although I'm putting an…   Read Story »
[In this new feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.] It seems obvious that our culture is dangerously obsessed with celebrity. Famous people have long given up…   Read Story »
Well, the search for Falcon Heene continues, but there is little that we can do about it from our offices and monster caves. So we must move forward. I know that it is hard to celebrate anything when…   Read Story »
Tonight is Jay Leno's final show as host of The Tonight Show. Sure, he's going to be right back at it this fall with his new nightly 10PM comedy show, because some people don't know when to quit. But…   Read Story »
With the world in such economic unrest, it's hard to know what's a smart investment. Kind of. Like, there's some confusion depending on your personal financial timetable as to whether you should keep…   Read Story »
Last year's breakout hit at Sundance has finally gotten distribution, and the little superhero movie that could is going to hit art house theaters next week. One way in which the visionaries behind…   Read Story »