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This hand-painted poster for Raiders of the Lost Ark from Ghana is very very good. Why don't they make actual posters like this? (And why, since we are on the subject, don't they make the whole WORLD…   Read Story »
I don't know who Ryan Cabrera is (and a quick google search confirmed that he is not the same person as Chris Carrabba), but his description at the top of this article is: "The spiky-haired singer,…   Read Story »
IF YOU HAD TO! Like, say you were in some sort of "The Bet"-type scenario and someone bet you that spending a year recreating something from TV or film in LEGOs was worse than the death penalty. "No…   Read Story »
Ryan Gosling attended the premiere of his new film Gangster Squad last night with his mother as his date. His mother, when asked about what she was wearing, responded, "I'm wearing Eva Mendes."…   Read Story »
"As a celebrity, it is incredibly hard to meet people. I mean, you meet people all the time, but it's very hard to get to know them, or to trust their motivations. Are they just after your Youth in…   Read Story »
I still think Be Kind Rewind is one of the great failures of the past 10 years. Very funny premise. Very not good movie. Oh well. Life is like that. And now there's this. #ChristopherHitchens   Read Story »
While at the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend giving a talk about his new art installation called "Memories of Idaho" (which is a multi-part tribute to Gus Van Sant's 1991 film…   Read Story »
Shoooooo-oooooooooot! Get it? You get it. Because of that one guy on the show! But now for children! In classic "it's the 90s" style of the Internet, someone has reimagineered The Wire as a 1970s…   Read Story »
The lovable Community character Magnitude is now on Twitter. Sample Tweet: "POP POP!" And also: "POP POP!"   Read Story »
Happy Groundhog Day. The most wonderful day of the year! Look, someone made you an ugly, hilarious cake to celebrate.   Read Story »