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You can get a few-second glimpse at season four of Game of Thrones in HBO's end-of-year promo, if you want it! -Uproxx The Daily Show's head writer, Tim Carvell, is leaving the show to work as…   Read Story »
Watch Robyn meet the Swedish robot built in her honor. #robotuprising #robynuprising -Stereogum Family Guy killed off a main character last night. To avoid spoilers, I will not tell you which…   Read Story »
Even a casual viewer of the Internet knows that there are a lot of times when it's not quite clear why someone has uploaded a particular video to YouTube. You see videos of children crying, videos of…   Read Story »
Seth MacFarlane has been quietly working on a reboot of Carl Sagan's documentary series about space, Cosmos, for years now, which is at least a little bit weird, but also fair enough, why not, and if…   Read Story »
Funny or Die released their first full length movie this morning -- iSteve, their biopic of Steve Jobs starring Justin Long. It was written in three days and shot in five. Ch-ch-check it out! If…   Read Story »
We've got a lot of Dan Harmon and Community news to round up this morning so let's get to it! First off, Community won an award for Best Comedy at the second annual Critics Choice Awards.…   Read Story »
There's a pretty good profile of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane in this week's New Yorker. The basic theme behind the piece is how Seth MacFarlane is desperate for comedic legitimacy and respect…   Read Story »
Patrick Meighan, a writer on Family Guy, was arrested at the Occupy LA protest, and has written about his experience. It is worth reading. And speaking of politics and civil unrest, don't forget to…   Read Story »
Kind of reminds me of those old bumper stickers a lot of the cars in my high school parking lot had. What did they say? "SHOOT YOUR TELEVISION"? "THROW YOUR TELEVISION OUT THE WINDOW"? "I HATE MY…   Read Story »
Well, right. Of COURSE Justin Bieber, a 12-year-old actress from Canada famous for her role as Justine Biebo in the 3D movie Never owns a jewel-encrusted necklace in the shape of a Family Guy…   Read Story »