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Tim and Eric can subvert cable access tropes and smear their faces in gunk and Marc Maron can interview whoever he wants for two and a half hours about their favorite and least favorite comedy clubs…   Read Story »
Here where I live, in New York City, (Brooklyn), you can't really go anywhere without seeing people letting their emotions out in ways that can both make you uncomfortable and make you feel better…   Read Story »
It's so easy to think that we're above reasonable outcomes. We grow up watching Tony Hawk do a 590° and Jesse Camp win the MTV search for a VJ, ultimately becoming America's #1 most revered…   Read Story »
Remember that video yesterday of people tripping on subway stairs? The MTA has responded by fixing the stairs! Once again, the Internet ruins everything.   Read Story »
Ha ha! Maybe Mike Bloomberg (he's the mayor of New York, for those readers who live with their parents) should pass a decree (I know how mayors work) putting uneven stairs in every subway station.…   Read Story »
Hey, girls! Did you guys see Girls last night? I did. What did you think? Don't you wish that you could write a book and then have a party about it? Don't you wish you had that dress Jenny Slate was…   Read Story »
I guess it's as good of a time as ever to remind you all that winter is the scariest and most dangerous time of the year. As we enjoy the holiday season and this year's oddly warm temperatures (here…   Read Story »
That is what it looks like when you run. Hahaha. It is very funny to watch you run! (Via NothingToDoWithArbroath.)   Read Story »
By now, you have surely seen the above clip already in which Kirstie Alley falls (well, is dropped) during her performance of the Rumba! on last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars. Afterwards,…   Read Story »
From CNN (CNN!!!) via BuzzFeed: HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I'm just glad to see that EVERYONE is taking this with the appropriate level of seriousness. And also that we're finally…   Read Story »