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Remember when the Internet didn't exist? (Thanks for the tip, Nick!)   Read Story »
We'll all rent forever as long as we can have a minimum of 500 people watch us rap poorly on the Internet for three minutes, letting the video get passed from blog to blog over a period of about…   Read Story »
Back in January, we talked about a horrible music video that Bam Margera released for an impossible "rap song" that he had titled "Bend My Dick To My Ass." Oof. Mostly, this was an opportunity to…   Read Story »
Luckily when Daniel is older and he and his friends are trading stories about their bar mitzvahs "I made a 'save the date' rap video" is probably going to be fairly commonplace. "Mine had Ne-Yo and…   Read Story »
Before we even talk about Bam Margera's new "music video" for his original dubstep composition "Bend My Dick To My Ass," let me just remind everyone that the Jackass trilogy of movies are art. Not a…   Read Story »
The key to not getting hit by no busses or trains is to always have a sports mascot follow your every move and usher you to safety in between turnstile dance breaks. But if you don't have a sports…   Read Story »
Thank you all for sending this in but also kind of no thank you, you know?   Read Story »
Sometimes the idea you pitch to your boss at the news station is just the perfect idea, and everyone is so proud of you, because they were a little iffy on it when you described it to them but now,…   Read Story »
Sometimes you hear a combination of words and you think, "Sure, those words make sense together. I get it." Right? I hope you're still with me here. Because then some other times you hear a…   Read Story »
There now you know-ah don-you ge it calculah ah whal faa fla ah lih mih? (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin!)   Read Story »