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An unfortunate thing about this particular week in GIFs is that clearly the biggest story of this week(/all time, if you are Gabe) was the Gérard Depardieu peeing on an airplane story. But do you…   Read Story »
There was a period of time in high school, I'd say probably my sophomore and junior years, during which I pretty much had only one friend. "But you're so cool?" you're probably thinking. I KNOW. I…   Read Story »
So, Eric has vampire amnesia. He also has shirt amnesia. WHO IS HIS SHIRT?! This episode never explains what happens, because when the witches cast their magical spell on him he was wearing a shirt,…   Read Story »
Detective Jason Stackhouse wakes up tied to a bed in the Panther People's garage and the little boy meth addict is licking a wound on his head. You know, normal beginning of this show kind of stuff.…   Read Story »
And here we are again. Last year, I really thought maybe I would hang up my True Blood cleats. It seemed like it was time. Vampires and werewolves are one thing, and OK, shapeshifting dogs who also…   Read Story »
There was no recap two weeks ago because we live in a complicated world and sometimes recaps don't happen. In retrospect, I'm not even sure if I saw the whole episode? I know that Vampire Eric made a…   Read Story »