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They don't teach this kind of thing in Selling Your Product On QVC school. Either you're born with the ability to continue selling whatever it even is that you've brought on TV to sell even after…   Read Story »
As Gabe mentioned, I was away on Friday. And now that I'm back on Monday, GABE ISN'T HERE! Are we the same person? Maybe! It's possible, but I'm not going to tell you yes or no. That's your jigsaw…   Read Story »
The fainting goat kittens have all died. R.I.P. fainting goat kittens. You are in heaven now, charming but also mildly depressing the angels.   Read Story »
This video is big today, and for good reason -- it's the best "person faints on camera" video in months. A young woman being interviewed about beach volleyball faints, while continuing to slur words…   Read Story »