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You guys, no matter what your exercise routine is, it's important to stretch. Stretching promotes muscle growth and toning, and it helps prevent injury. Even without a work-out, stretching is just a…   Read Story »
Sorry, ladies. Your strangle-hold (get it?) on the exercise by jacking off ghost dicks industry has finally ended. WHERE MY FELLAS AT?! Looking good, dudes! Could you aim the Shake Weight for Men…   Read Story »
PAH! Clips from the Marky Mark exercise video have been around for awhile, but Rich FourFour's new edit is the one that really gets the blood flowing. Now you are ready to hang out by the pool!…   Read Story »
Ladies, your bodies are so fat! It's disgusting! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Luckily, many of you are. Good work, women's magazines and all other media and also society! Ladies, it's…   Read Story »
The "For Indie Rockers" exercise tape series has been around for a while, but this is the first clip I've seen from it. It raises more questions than it answers!: 1. That's what indie rockers…   Read Story »
Gross. Apparently, there's nothing Slumdog Millionaire cannot do. It can outperform heavyweight films at the box office, win eight Oscars out of nine nominations -- and even help Americans lose…   Read Story »
Gabe has made it his mission to put an end to fake rap, and it's something he takes very seriously (you can sign the petiton here.) I generally agree, but if fake rap ends, what will delight us…   Read Story »
So remember when Jessica Simpson was supposed to do a fitness tape in 2005, but then her father Joe didn't like the way it turned out and they ended up getting sued by the company that made the tape?…   Read Story »
She is going to up (with your own vomit).   Read Story »
Mickey Rourke explains his 7-month training regimen to put on 35 pounds of muscle for his role in The Wrestler (which is great, btw). Not to be confused with his 52-year sadness regimen required to…   Read Story »