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Benedict Cumberbatch! He is great in Sherlock, and one time he held a baby, and everyone is excited for Star Trek 2: Into Raincoats. Isn't that right, Cumberbitches? But while all of that stuff is…   Read Story »
Health is important, and there's no better way to stay healthy than with a regular routine of cardio-vascular exercise (especially when you are living on a diet of canned tuna and cheese crackers!).…   Read Story »
This is just a great way to start the day AND get ready for the beach. We all have to make sacrifices, men and women. (And also boys ranging from 8-15.) Are push ups sacrifices? Let's just say that…   Read Story »
Hey, you! You, the one with the sad, sunken eyes, seated in a hunched over position at his non-ergonomic office desk chair, who has to bend his knees to reach even the TALLEST something that has been…   Read Story »
You see that he is a baby, right? JUST PUT HIM IN THE CHAIR! (Via Buzzfeed.)   Read Story »
Hahahahahah. TIME. 2. GET. RIPPED. "If you want great delts, be a CGI superhero-slash-supervillain-depending-on-your-mercurial-motivations-in-this-or-that-storyline!"   Read Story »
We can't all be tiny babies doing pushups on bottles, but we all CAN get up, take a brisk walk around wherever we are, finish some work, pick up some things for dinner, and maybe read a book before…   Read Story »
Come on body, move your parts, indeed. Happy Monday, team. Still alive? Heart still beating in your chest? Hopes and aspirations still coursing through your mind? Good. Then let's pick up the pace.…   Read Story »
Looking good, boyz. Very healthy. Very strong. Very normal exercise.   Read Story »
This is a gossip photo of former California politician and the inspiration for the hit cartoon show The Governator, and the webmaster of a GREAT homepage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, cooling down after a…   Read Story »