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The New York Times wrote about Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens' transition into adult acting with Spring Breakers and doyoyoy it's about Spring Breakers & ur gonna read…   Read Story »
Chuchi the Dog is said to look JUST like Steve Buscemi. TRUE or FALSE? You be the judge. -HuffPo Ina Garten is releasing a line of Barefoot Contessa Frozen Meals. FROZEN?! Jeffrey will be SO…   Read Story »
Young Christopher Walken looks just like Scarlett Johansson, your argument is invalid. -BuzzFeed Kathy Griffin gave Anderson Cooper a 'special' kind of kiss on CNN NYE. A kiss to the south! Kathy,…   Read Story »
My grandparents are in town visiting this week and they asked me if there were any good movies out right now. My grandparents love movies! The thing is though, I didn't really know what to tell them.…   Read Story »