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Here's a good prank: When your family is opening gifts on Christmas morning, if your family does that, you tell one of your family members, "For you I have an extra special GIF." They'll say, "What?…   Read Story »
"Maybe we should just take a break!" Rachel said, "...A break from us." And with those words, Ross left to dance to "With or Without You" and have sex with the copier girl. It was a tense day when…   Read Story »
"Nic Cage's Face On All 151 1st Generation Pokemon" is not something that would generally stand out as worthwhile in a Nic Cage Internet sea of mashups, but it's actually pretty good and I kind of…   Read Story »
We've almost reached the end of our first day back to work after the holiday season and boy are my everythings tired! It's hard ("hard") (not hard) (I apologize for even suggesting in jest that it is…   Read Story »
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The answer is "possibly.")   Read Story »
BREAKING: Ryan Gosling does not want to impregnate any woman unless he is married to her. But Eva Mendes doesn't believe in marriage! HOW WILL THIS STORY END?!?   Read Story »
Sure! Now, let's all raise our glasses and toast to the hope that Ryan Gosling doesn't become the James Franco of 2012.   Read Story »
Did you know that the ending of the Muppets was not the original ending? And that the original ending was actually a MUCH BETTER ending? And I'm so upset about it? It's true! All true! (Oh also don't…   Read Story »
Movieline did a "Bad Movies We Love" feature about New York Minute! More like "classic movies we love that we all saw in theaters." Remember when Mary Kate's band played "Suffragette City" at the…   Read Story »
Man, isn't reality TV crazy, you guys? It's like, what's next? I heard in college that people were really voyeuristic. Someone should really make a low budget thriller starring Eva Mendes about…   Read Story »