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Want to see what some TV shows would look like without their special effects? SPOILER: Lots of people and stuff in front of green. Hope you didn't read that spoiler if you didn't want to know, you…   Read Story »
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Wil Wheaton, Paul F. Tompkins, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal discuss the science of Star Trek in the most recent episode of StarTalk! "Was the borg real?" "Which Captain is…   Read Story »
Here are photos of celebrities and their stunt doubles. They are all very realistic and none of them are weird. -BlameItOn Our own Gabe Delahaye and Max Silvestri are hosting the Webby Awards…   Read Story »
Uhhh, I think you should check on your boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. It looks like something is wrong. Let him know I say hi! -Ain'tItCool Here is an interview with Eugene Mirman. Speaking of, have you…   Read Story »
Last night on Gossip Girl, Serena leaked a false story to Deadline that screwed Dan out of getting his best-selling novel adapted by Harvey Weinstein, LONG STORY. And today Ms. Deadline thanked them…   Read Story »
The day is winding down. As our thoughts turn to home, and driving home, and fun things to do at home, we'd like to leave you with two final posts, both containing EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS that you will find…   Read Story »
Before Bob's Burgers, there was Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil. Jon Glaser, Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, Sam Seder, and a whole lotta other Bob's actors were involved, and if you're a fan, you might…   Read Story »
I still don't get it, but now I kind of get it! This morning, Max and I actually attended a COMIC-CON PANEL. Wow! American Heroes, I'm sure. The panel was for Bob's Burgers, a new animated series…   Read Story »
Eugene Mirman was invited back to his high school to provide the commencement address, or whatever they call the speech at a high school graduation. You know, baby commencement. Take that, James…   Read Story »
The 92nd Street Y in Tribeca pulled fifty strings and got basically every cool comedy person in the world to be in their commercial -- a parody of a long-running, long-annoying commercial for the New…   Read Story »