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I'll be honest, because that is my policy (only the best policies for me!) but I haven't been enjoying the Funny or Die series on HBO very much. Oh, and I really wanted to! It is just so violent and…   Read Story »
Ed. note: Videogum has long tracked the progress of Birdemic, from cult YouTube phenomenon to cult IRL phenomenon. This weekend, the movie finally had its world premiere in Los Angeles, hosted by Tim…   Read Story »
Adult Swim has compiled every Zach Galifianakis clip from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. What is weird is that this didn't exist before, but I guess hindsight 20/20 (I'm sure I'm using that…   Read Story »
Blood Into Wine trailer, you guys: Oh, OK. This appears to be a relatively earnest documentary about Arizona wine production, following the recent trend of movies for and about wine enthusiasts,…   Read Story »
Look, I'll admit it: I don't know a lot about football. I mean, I know that it is a points-based game in which extra-extra-large sportsletes try go push each other down and then sit on each other.…   Read Story »
Over the past few months, Eric Wareheim has changed the face of music videos. Literally. He put music videos into Photoshop, and he melted their faces with the Melty Tool. He has also changed the…   Read Story »
Eric Wareheim's newest video for Major Lazer is very Eric Wareheim-y. Oh, hi, Diplo! What? You know how it is over there. Forget it, Jake. Etc.   Read Story »
How else to explain this Eric Wareheim music video for the Fat Boys circa 1984?   Read Story »
Hah. Well, certainly much less barfy than this week's previous Eric Wareheim video for Depeche Mode's "Hole To Feed." But does anyone else get the impression that maybe Eric Wareheim is obsessed with…   Read Story »