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It's the best time of every week: catching up with the boys! Vince is speaking at an AA meeting. One day at a time, Vince! What doesn't kill you makes you cocainer. Everyone in the audience keeps…   Read Story »
If you have been following the eighth and final season of Entourage, then you know that on the show, our dear friend Johnny Drama is the star of his own animated sitcom called Johnny's Bananas. Oh…   Read Story »
As you may recall, last week's episode ended with Turtle burning down the mansion. Oh jeez. Tuurrrtle! [Trombone slide.] So this week our old pals are staying in a beautiful hotel suite. So sick.…   Read Story »
It's hard to believe that this is the final season of Entourage. What a wild rollercoaster it's been. I'm positive that I know what a rollercoaster is and that calling this show a rollercoaster is a…   Read Story »
This gossip column blind item seems very real and definitely does NOT sound like it was planted by a publicist a few days before a show returns to television. From BuzzFoto: This group of actors…   Read Story »
Obviously, we are all very excited about this Sunday's premiere of the 8th and final season of The Entourage. All of our old favorite pals are back for one last hurrah! Personally, I am most excited…   Read Story »
Whoa. It's barely even 10AM and already we have the headline of the day! That's a wrap! Break for lunch! Other things you shout when the work is done! The headline of the day comes from the Hollywood…   Read Story »
The thing about real life and about making movies that are supposed to reflect real life is that real life is messy and lacks a cohesive narrative arc, sure, but even more problematically, real life…   Read Story »
Well isn't someone a handsome Turtle! Now I don't know that much about how Turtle lives his life day-to-day because I'm not, like, in love with Turtle, but I do know what a person taking charge of…   Read Story »
Genuinely great news, everyone. The HBO show Entourage, a stakes-free dramedysenuts about a group of weed enthusiasts who never know whether to get lunch at an outdoor cafe or shop for Maseratis,…   Read Story »