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Ever since we first got news of the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, one question has been on everyone's lips: "Do we really need this so fast after the last Batman trilogy ended? WHAT WILL THE…   Read Story »
As you may know, Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham recently filmed a sex tape with porn/The Canyons star James Deen, and a few days ago it was released by the same company that released Kim Kardashian's sex…   Read Story »
Someone has already Photoshopped a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding the Russian meteorite. The Internet works fast. -Uproxx Harrison Ford In Talks To Reprise Role Of Han Solo -NewNowNext Feast…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hello, Gabe Gabe: hi kelly Gabe: how are you doing? Kelly: Fine! Dealing with some rain over here Kelly: But fine otherwise Kelly: How about you Gabe: you ok? that sounds pretty…   Read Story »
Entertainment Tonight is really going overboard with the teasers, and they need to take a chill pill. It's one thing to breathlessly promote a movie with an underwhelming teaser trailer, but now…   Read Story »
The official, non-Entertainment Tonight trailer for Revolutionary Road is out, and it's 90% less funny without Mary Hart vapidly talking over it.   Read Story »
Kate and Leo are back together in a very serious drama about love, life, and the loss of illusions in the 1950s. The world premiere of the preview for Revolutionary Road shows it to be a searing and…   Read Story »