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Tough Justice with Michelle Dockery. -FunnyOrDie Are you looking to hire an actor for a movie? Well, do I have a list for you -- it's a list of the ones with the best value! Maybe Jennifer…   Read Story »
Bill Murray and Emma Stone surprised and entertained the troops in Hawaii and it seems like it was delightful. -Pajiba In 1998, Vincent Gallo appeared as a surprise guest in a roundtable dicussion…   Read Story »
Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Hey, want to see Thor: The Dark World together and then talk about it on Monday? I don't, but hey, sometimes we have to write a site! Hahah. Okay, great. ABC bought a…   Read Story »
They have fun. -Buzzfeed Chris Stark, the young interviewer whom you might remember from when he asked Mila Kunis on a date, interviewed Robert Downey Jr. recently. It didn't go as well!…   Read Story »
Here is another image to get you guys excited for Spider-Man 2. How excited are you now? So exciting, though, right?!   Read Story »
The New York Post attempts to explain how so many stars got involved in this awful-looking comedy that none of them wanted to be in or promote. In theaters Friday!   Read Story »
It's hard to imagine that the same week we received a brand new Krispy Kreme video was also the week with the most boring day of the Internet year. Isn't that hard to imagine? I can't even imagine it…   Read Story »
Emma Stone is on the cover of the new issue of Interview magazine, where she talks about stuff like Ryan Gosling and Spider-Man and BREAKING UP W/ YR BOYFRIEND! You know, the stuff America wants to…   Read Story »
Obviously, the big story this week was all the SMANIEL SMOSH nonsense that I legitimately never want to talk about again, not even if you gchat me and say something like, "Wow, I hope no one ever…   Read Story »
It can be hard, sometimes, to imagine other people's motivations. Like why a person you knew in college would consistently tweet personal things about her disappointing love life, or why celebrities…   Read Story »