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Adults, upon conceiving a child and then carrying that child all the way to term, a child they will spend the rest of their lives caring for and raising as best they can, are then deciding, together,…   Read Story »
Emilia Clarke is coming to Futurama, and here is a picture to sort of prove it if you're willing to believe that what she is recording is for Futurama, which you have no reason not to believe, but I…   Read Story »
Bill Hader is ending his eight-year run on Saturday Night Live with the season finale this Saturday. Oh no! Oh noooooo! R.I.P., my love! -NYTimes If you are trying to avoid spoilers for How I Met…   Read Story »
How was your day today? Bad? Woke up late, fell into a puddle, coffee machine was broken at work, slipped down the steps because your shoes never dried from the puddle and fell into your crush, who…   Read Story »
Russell Crowe is smoking a cigarette on a horse- do we mind? More importantly, does the horse mind? -BuzzFeed Vanity Fair has released an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the making of…   Read Story »
So crazy how this anti-hair loss shampoo got George Clooney as their spokesmodel. He must really just believe in the product. Totally legit. -BuzzFeed James Franco is going to teach a USC film…   Read Story »
The correct answer, right off the bat, before we even get into which celebrities make up each of these rumored celebrity couples is "neither." "Neither, because I don't and (most likely) will never…   Read Story »
VBS chats with Rob Corddry about Children's Hospital, how he became interested in comedy, and drugs. -VBS New York Times doesn't like the New York Times movie very much. -NYT Game of…   Read Story »