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You're looking at a verrry close-up picture of Nick Offerman's moustache that was taken by Rob Huebel. -@robhuebel Hey! You! Quit whining and put on a goddamn coat. -TheWorldsBestEver 75 Years…   Read Story »
On last night's Important Things With Demetri Martin, Demetri used his show's platform to introduce the summer Ang Lee movie (and to explain who Ang Lee is, wince), Taking Woodstock, in which he…   Read Story »
It's another celeb get-out-the-vote ad, this time starring Into The Wild's Emile Hirsch as a lonely young man you either want to slap or hug (let's call him "Alexander Superbored"). I'm finding it…   Read Story »
This clip has already been making the blog rounds, and my enthusiasm for Speed Racer has been so low that I was not going to post it. But these first seven minutes actually make the movie look kind…   Read Story »