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According to AICN, the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are will premiere on Ellen today? That's a weird place to premiere this trailer! What, they couldn't afford time on the 3PM rerun of Malcolm…   Read Story »
Ellen interviewed Anderson Cooper via satellite on election day, and he talked about his love for The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Now, this video went around yesterday and personally I think…   Read Story »
Somehow it says a lot about Kanye that he premiered his new video for "Love Lockdown" on Ellen. ELLEN! Next thing you know Lindsay will be listening to Kanye West. If I was a lot smarter than I…   Read Story »
He's probably out of the running to be revealed as Kelly Taylor's baby daddy on 90210 tonight, on account of them being step-siblings and all, but Brian Austin Green appeared on Ellen yesterday to…   Read Story »
On today's Ellen, Ellen subjects Diddy to a taste test of four vodkas to see if Diddy can identify the one that bears his name. Diddy, the self-appointed "King Of Celebrations" reluctantly submits…   Read Story »