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WARNING: Since October 5th, 2011, Sophia Grace and her silent friend Rosie have, with the help of Ellen DeGeneres, been crafting a campaign of mind control over the Internet and television viewing…   Read Story »
Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Courteney Cox reunited on Ellen and made a bunch of lame Friends jokes. Does that mean they're going to make the movie finally?!? Guys?!?!? -Pajiba Forbes says…   Read Story »
Doctor Who TARDIS Fez? Doctor Who TARDIS Fez! -Technabob 'Celebrity Flirt Roulette' is really wonderful, you'll see. -TEAMCOCO Ellen talks to the 'Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong' girl…   Read Story »
On a scale of 1-10, how much would you enjoy seeing someone riding towards you in this Pee-Wee Herman bicycle skinsuit? 0? 11? Click through to see the full suit! Eeek! -TheWorldsBestEver The Pulp…   Read Story »
Charo did her signature cuchi-cuchi in a Beverly Hills parking lot yesterday. Lucky for us, there's a photo series! Cuchi cuchi! -Dlisted Amanda Seyfried performed the first verse of “California…   Read Story »
The poster for Anchorman 2 was released today, and HERE IT IS! Very exciting. So exciting. Pants. Shoes. Anchorman 2. Click through to the link if you want to see the full-size version if you can…   Read Story »
Hey, remember when Hugh Grant said those weird things about how he "liked" his daughter, but how having her hasn't really changed his life at all? That was weird! Weird that a person could even feel…   Read Story »
Is everybody excited for Valentine's Day? Is everyone saying "YESSSSSSSS" right now? "Yessss, I love writing a card for someone and eating dinner or just not doing anythingggggg." Is that what you're…   Read Story »
Bill O'Reilly is a liar and an asshole, end of story. There's absolutely nothing he could ever really do to make up for the years of disinformation and hate-mongering that he has broadcast through…   Read Story »
On yesterday's episode of Ellen, which is normally a rather cloying affair, although also entirely inoffensive and I don't mean that in some kind of College Campus Misanthrope kind of way where…   Read Story »