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Oh boy. So, congressional representative Todd Akin (R-MO), representing Missouri's 2nd district, appeared on The Jaco Report, whatever THAT is, over the weekend and finally broke his legendary…   Read Story »
Oh well. Election over. Eastwood has spoken.   Read Story »
10. He loves coffee flavored yogurt. 9. His best friend is a cat burglar. 8. He wants to sew your grandma's mouth shut. 7. He runs the bath for terrorists so it will be ready when they get…   Read Story »
A little over a week ago, Barack Obama was giving a speech that almost certainly cost him the election, hopefully. He was talking about small businesses and said something about how all businesses…   Read Story »
OH HEY! REMEMBER WHEN NEWT GINGRICH WAS BRIEFLY CONSIDERED A VIABLE CANDIDATE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?! Just kidding. No, I mean, he was, but this picture doesn't really mean anything.…   Read Story »
Where does he get such wonderful TAX RETURNS?! Good one. Good one, Gabe. Gabe for president! I sure hope Christopher Nolan goes back over the final edit and cleans up Mitt Romney's dialogue policies…   Read Story »
The Obama campaign released a new Mitt Romney attack ad this weekend and IT IS A DOOSEY. Everyone is talking about it! Are you talking about it? What did your Facebook post say? (Mitt Romney also…   Read Story »
It's the only thing anyone's talking about. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR IT ALL? (Via Nevver.)   Read Story »
Mitt Romney's five sons appeared on Conan last night to talk about their dad running for president. That's a lot of sons!   Read Story »
Uh oh! What's next? Tay Zonday refusing to turn away from the mic before he breathes in? Double Rainbow Guy feeling like rainbows dropped the ball on the economy?!   Read Story »