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Today is a historic day, you guys. Voters are expected to turn out in record numbers. Barack Obama might be the first African American President of the United States. If John McCain were to win, he…   Read Story »
Gabe and Jenny recognize that they only two things anyone cares about right now are Halloween and the election, so they just said, Hakuna Matata (trans. "fuck it"), give the people what they…   Read Story »
We know! We know! But let's be Red Sox fans about this. If one more person says "Jon Hamm is definitely going to be on 30 Rock in a multi-episode arc as Liz Lemon's love interest in a landslide of…   Read Story »
This could have been very embarrassing for John McCain! He thought that Joe the Plumber was going to be at his rally, but then it turned out that Joe the Plumber was not at his rally. Phew. Total…   Read Story »
Here is Barack Obama's full 30-minute "campaign" ad that pre-empted CBS and NBC last night. And now, back to Trampoline Investigators: Orlando.   Read Story »
Barack Obama was on The Daily Show last night (via satellite from Florida) where he proved it's kind of hard to joke around on a late night show when your election is just four days away. When Jon…   Read Story »
Here are three more of those "famous directors made ads for John McCain" spoofs. Diablo Cody/Jason Reitman, David Lynch, and M. Night Shyamalan this time. You know, I want change and everything, but…   Read Story »
The celebrities can't stop making their get out the vote ads. That's fine. Leave them to it. It gets boring having cocaine brunch next to the champagne fountain every morning. Sometimes you just want…   Read Story »
UGH. I totally recognize that as a parent you want to instill your children with the same moral compass that you yourself use to make sense of the world around you. And I totally recognize that we…   Read Story »
In addition to prime-time network TV, Barack is taking to the Comedy Central airwaves tomorrow night to capture all those Stoner Voters. Whoever has had tickets for tomorrow's show since last April…   Read Story »