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God TV had their own 2-hour election coverage special, for those hard-core right wingers who are turned off by Fox News's bleeding heart liberal reputation. RightWingWatchdog put together a highlight…   Read Story »
The mass dumping on Sarah Palin has begun in force. On the one hand, we never like to see someone turned into a scapegoat for an angry mob to vent their impotent fury upon, and on the other hand…   Read Story »
Tomorrow it will be back to business as usual, all kitten farts and Top 10 lists of Chuck Bass's favorite colors of ascot. But for today, just for today, let's stay in this feeling. We don't get it…   Read Story »
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the ignorant harpy who is usually awful, wasn't today, when she gave an impassioned and, darn it, pretty classy speech on The View about accepting her candidate's crushing loss…   Read Story »
(via dlisted) Hahah. "Weed." Teacher, NO!   Read Story »
The moment last night when Obama's speech became so beautiful that we could hardly stand it and we thought our hearts were going to burst out of our chests had to be when Obama said "Sasha and Malia,…   Read Story »
No offense to ourselves, but Videogum feels beyond irrelevant today. And you know what, GREAT! If things had turned out differently, we would have relished the opportunity to bury our faces in Ninja…   Read Story »
There is one person who is not sharing in the general sense of exuberance and high hopes that's flooding the internet today. Reh Dogg, creator of "Why Must I Cry," is not only disappointed in the…   Read Story »
The AP reported that Jon Stewart became "the first comedian to announce the election results on live national television." Okay, sure! But even if you chose (like most people, no offense to Jon and…   Read Story »
Man. Last night was historic. Yes, the United States elected the first black president. But more importantly, HOLOGRAMS were finally introduced into major news broadcasts. And not just any holograms.…   Read Story »