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Maybe practice a little bit every day? An elephant never forgets, right? So you have that going for you! Ahahah. And I can already tell that you have an ear for it! LOL. LMFAO. Ahah. No, but…   Read Story »
"Have you ever met someone who was so passionate about something that it made you feel like you were, I don't know, living life halfway? Like if you could just find the thing that you're that…   Read Story »
"Listen. I know you've probably already made up your mind about what you're going to think about my wife. Yes, she walked down the aisle to a cover of Buckcherry’s 'Crazy Bitch' (which might have…   Read Story »
Eeeeeek! How horrible! Uhhh...At least you're not in a three-day traffic jam? Something about the traffic in LA, and abou how sometimes it rains there? Something about how we all willingly enter into…   Read Story »
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Ronan Farrow, the biological son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, tweeted this yesterday, and then his mother retweeted it. Eek! Uh, guys? You OK? I mean, I know you're not OK and…   Read Story »
In order for this to exist, someone had to come up with the idea, write the whole thing out, find other adults who agreed that this was a good idea and worth everyone's time, secure financing, put a…   Read Story »
Another day, another teenager posting a video on YouTube of himself singing a song in his bedroom about he masturbates to all of the Facebook profiles of the women he knows. QUE SERA SERYUCK! The…   Read Story »
After the jump, I have posted a video that features a live demonstration of a new-fangled technology in which a computer, or WHATEVER, measures some junk in your hand and then translates that to a…   Read Story »
When you're younger, your interests revolve around rock concerts and keg parties and cruising around all night with your friends in your mom's car. You'll drive by a group of older people with their…   Read Story »
I'm a subscriber to the general belief that you should try anything once, but that's when you're talking about trying a weird food, or traveling to a neat place, not JUMPING OFF OF BRIDGES WITH A…   Read Story »