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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I rewatched Beverly Hills Cop (it is streaming on Netflix!) and that movie is so great. There was this moment in the 1980s when you could make a comedy that had lots of…   Read Story »
It's funny how yesterday we were all talking about the Anchorman 2 announcement, like that was any kind of a big deal, when the news of TWINS 2: TRIPLETS with EDDIE MURPHY AS THE THIRD TWIN was just…   Read Story »
The other day, Chelsea Peretti had a tweet about Eddie Murphy's new movie, A Thousand Words, that still makes me laugh every time I think about it. "WHEN EDDIE MURPHY TALKS ----- LEAVES FALL OFF A…   Read Story »
Upon hearing of Brett Ratnor's resignation, Eddie Murphy dropped out of hosing the Oscars. Oh, GREAT. Now they'll just have to be cancelled. Right? Once a host and producer drop out they have to…   Read Story »
Eddie Murphy is on the cover of this month's Rolling Stone in light of the runaway success of the forward-thinking payment plan in which you can pay 60 dollars to watch Tower Heist in your home…   Read Story »
Hey guys, remember how you were going to have that Tower Heist party where you ordered the Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller/Etc. feature Tower Heist on demand for $60 and charged twelve of your friends $5…   Read Story »
"If you feel tired midway through, give Neil Patrick Harris a Red Bull and throw some sheet music at him." AND MORE!   Read Story »
It was reported this weekend that Eddie Murphy is in talks to host the upcoming Academy Awards. One assumes he will be wearing a fat suit and that there will actually be nine hosts this year ally…   Read Story »
The UK's The Sun is reporting that Eddie Murphy will be playing the Riddler in the next Batman movie. Sure, UK's The Sun. Pink Is the New Blog points out that this startling casting decision isn't…   Read Story »
Topical! From Delirious, via Byron Crawford: Depending on how things go on November 4th, this clip is either Coming to America funny or Norbit funny. Now we wait.   Read Story »