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She soars over the French Alps feeling the air rush past her wings, yes, but will she ever know the thrill of waking up early enough to have two cups of coffee before taking a shower? She has an…   Read Story »
Sometime last night, mostly through the help of Twitter, this video of an eagle allegedly snatching a baby in Montreal went "viral." "Will we ever be able to take our delicious babies into eagle…   Read Story »
Eat your heart out, Tea Party! Literally, I would like you to eat your heart out. You cannot survive without your heart. Get it? I hope you don't get it. Until it is too late. R.I.P. to both the Tea…   Read Story »
Here's a live video feed of a nest of youngish eagles! There's something about eagles in general that seems really boring and learny, probably because of the illustrations on American History…   Read Story »
Super-smart eagles have figured out a way to open turtle shells, as this amazing video demonstrates. So much suspense! (If you're a little girl you should probably not watch unless you want to be…   Read Story »